Viewpoint: ISIS goals and possible future gains

After storming a holiday party in San Bernardino with her husband, Malik joins a string of women linked to recent high-profile attacks in the West for which ISIS has claimed credit. Her peers include Hasna Aitboulahcen, who sheltered the alleged mastermind of the recent Paris attacks before both died in the raid to capture him, as well as Hayat Boumeddiene, who fled to ISIS-held territory as her partner Amedy Coulibaly killed a policewoman and lay siege to a supermarket in Paris on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attack in January. The facts are clear: women can be terrorists, too. Yet, the phenomenon still seems to shock and tropes about female passivity and domesticity hold firm. Take the case of Malik: authorities are probing the time she spent living in Saudi Arabia and at university in her native Pakistan, unsure who in the couple instigated the attack. Witnesses are now describing how she shot first. Likewise, much is being made of Malik being a wife and a new mother. In the wake of the San Bernardino attack, certainly there are still more questions than answers. Many women are drawn to the group , taking on recruitment, propaganda, and support roles despite the fact that it is known for its anti-women horrors. There are estimated to be Western female ISIS recruits , but the number of non-Western women is believed to be much higher.

ISIS, Radicalization and the Gendered Online Jihad

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The Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration for Northeast Syria, which is to its citizens detained in northeast Syria based on their suspected links to ISIS—a Department of Justice, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, and Public Even if these obstacles were surmounted at a future date, uncertainty.

Thousands of Yazidi women and girls were forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State, and thousands of Yazidi men were killed. The genocide began following the withdrawal of the Kurdistan Regional Government ‘s Peshmerga militia, which left the Yazidis defenseless. The Yazidis are monotheists who believe in a benevolent peacock angel and practice an ancient gnostic faith. The self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and other followers of Islam in the region tend to view the peacock angel as the malevolent creature Lucifer or Shaitan and they consider the Yazidis ‘ devil worshippers’.

In August , more than Yazidi families were threatened and forced to choose between conversion to Sunni Islam or death. On 3 August , ISIL militants attacked and took over Sinjar in northern Iraq , a Kurdish-controlled town that was predominantly inhabited by Yazidis, [26] and the surrounding area. Yazidis, [27] and internet postings of ISIL, [28] have reported summary executions that day by ISIL militants, leading to , civilians fleeing Sinjar, of whom around 50, Yazidis were reportedly escaping to the nearby Sinjar Mountains.

On 10 August , according to statements by the Iraqi government and others, ISIL militants buried alive an undefined number of Yazidi women and children in northern Iraq in an attack that killed people. On 15 August, in the Yazidi village of Kojo, south of Sinjar, after the whole population had received the jihadist ultimatum to convert or be killed, over 80 men were killed.

A survey by the PLOS Medicine journal significantly decreased the number of Yazidis killed however concurrently raised the number abducted with 2, to 4, deaths and 4, to 10, abductions.

An Alabama “ISIS Bride” Wants To Come Home. Can We Forgive Her Horrifying Social Media Posts?

Whatever it was, it led them to travel across the world to join the Islamic State group. Now after the fall of the last stronghold of the group’s “caliphate,” they say they regret it and want to come home. The Associated Press interviewed four foreign women who joined the caliphate and are now among tens of thousands of IS family members, mostly women and children, crammed into squalid camps in northern Syria overseen by the U.

Many in the camps remain die-hard supporters of IS.

The war on ISIS/ISIL is dominating the scene in Syria and beyond. Shamima Begum who had her UK citizenship revoked after joining ISIL in Syria should be.

Their alleged aim is to raise money by offering bogus personal protective equipment at a time of desperate shortages. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi must fix a coronavirus-hit economy and crumbling infrastructure – and keep his U. Prosecutors said the group had already obtained firearms and ammunition to carry out their attacks, while the suspected ringleader had ordered materials to build an explosive device. The massive rally is the latest manifestation of rage against Trump’s decision to blow up an Iranian general in Baghdad.

Prime minister asks Pompeo to send a team to plan the pull-out demanded by Iraq’s parliament, and the U. Even though the U.

Iraq’s Post-ISIS Campaign of Revenge

This article examines the cult of Isis and the use of the Isis basileion in the iconography of Nabataean Petra. Firstly, the idea that the aniconic and anthropomorphic modes of representation had some kind of opposing significance cannot be maintained, particularly in light of the sculptural arrangement of the sanctuary of Isis in the Wadi Siyyagh. I would like to first express my thanks to T. Kaizer and A. Lichtenberger for their kind suggestions and comments on a draft of this paper. They cannot, of course, be held responsible for any errors which may follow.

State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS),1 flooded out of their bases in Syria and Iraq, and swept across Sinjar. The date of 3 August holding sites in Mosul, Tel Afar and Baaj, deeper inside ISIS-controlled territory. gunfire, saw fighters covered with blood immediately after the Yazidi males were led.

These are external links and will open in a new window. ISIS is now fighting on two fronts. It is making major gains in northern and western Iraq, and trying to take over a far larger portion of the rebel-held areas in Syria at the same time. Its stated goal is to create a broader Islamic caliphate, but it already faces serious challenges in Syria from the al-Nusra Front and other rebel forces, and it has not shown it can make serious gains against President Bashar al-Assad’s Hezbollah- and Iranian-backed forces.

It would threaten a key oil exporter, directly challenge Iran, and challenge the key southern Gulf states, possibly uniting states that otherwise are de facto enemies. Oil is simply too important to let ISIS seize all of Iraq, although creating any kind of unified front or rapid effective resistance to this level of ISIS gains does not seem likely. What could be far more difficult, however, is preventing ISIS from creating at least a temporary enclave in western and northern Iraq and some parts of eastern and north-eastern Syria.

Part of Syria is already a power vacuum that President Assad seems willing to let fester and contain, at least until he can control all of Syria’s major cities and the centre of the country. It instead exploited a level of Sunni anger and resentment that has grown steadily with each act of repression and growing authoritarianism since the election.

Mr Maliki’s suppression of peaceful protests, attacks on key Sunni political figures, failures to share the nation’s oil wealth, and alleged corruption all combined to recreate Sunni anger and support for armed resistance, as did the failure to hire the former Sons of Iraq – Sunni militias working with the US – and show respect for Sunni tribal leaders.

Edmonton woman ‘committed’ to ISIS ‘facilitated extremist activities,’ secret documents allege

Shamima Begum has today lost the first stage in her appeal against the Government’s decision to revoke her British citizenship. Ms Begum’s lawyer, Daniel Furner, said his client would ‘immediately initiate an appeal’ against the decision ‘as a matter of exceptional urgency’. Jihadi bride Shamima Begum, 20, is desperate to return to Britain five years after she voluntarily left to join ISIS in Syria – her British citizenship was revoked when she was found in a refugee camp after the caliphate fell last year – she lost the first stage of her appeal today.

Judge Doron Blum, announcing the decision of the tribunal, said that the move did not breach the Home Office’s ‘extraterritorial human rights policy by exposing Ms Begum to a real risk of death or inhuman or degrading treatment’. He said: ‘We have reached three conclusions on the preliminary issues.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria—also know as ISIS or ISIL—is a and caused tens of thousands of Yazidis to flee from their homes. Some of the cultural sites ISIS has attacked or destroyed include: In , a U.S.-led coalition started airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq Original Published Date.

The current crises in Syria has led to a number of Britons travelling abroad to fight with groups such as Isis. Capitalising on this growth, Isis are now increasingly fighting an online cyber war, with the use of slick videos, online messages of hate and even an app that all aim to radicalise and create a new generation of cyber jihadists.

These modern day tools are helping Isis spread their propaganda and ideology to thousands of online sympathisers across the world. Indeed, the group has actively been using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to recruit new would be members. This is being done through images and the streaming of violent online viral videos filmed and professionally edited that are targeting young and impressionable people. The Internet therefore is becoming the virtual playground for extremist views to be reinforced and act as an echo chamber.

This study analysed different Facebook pages and 50 Twitter user accounts which generated over results and helped the author create a typology of seven key behaviour characteristics and motivations.

Timeline: the Rise, Spread, and Fall of the Islamic State

Hannah Allam. Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, of Eagan, Minn. When year-old Abdirizak Warsame came home from prison over the summer, his family welcomed him with his favorite foods and long talks with the siblings he hadn’t seen in three years. They were reunited, grateful for a fresh start. FBI informant.

against their victims. Terrorist groups could cause some disruptive effects—​defacing websites or executing denial-of-service attacks against.

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. He was stripped of British citizenship by U. Her lawyer declined to comment, but the documents indicate she has denied any involvement in terrorism. She continues to live in Edmonton but two sources said she had remarried and was working to turn her life around. The explosive allegations identify Jama as a returnee — someone who has come back to Canada after having participated in terrorist activities overseas.

The government says there are currently about 60 such people in the country. Few have faced charges. Internal government files have described the challenges of prosecuting them due to the difficulty of proving what they did outside Canada. Born in the Somali capital Mogadishu, Jama is a year-old Canadian citizen who left Toronto in May and made her way to Mogadishu, according to a summary of the classified information.

She married Sakr and they lived in a region controlled by Al Shabaab, which has carried out scores of terrorist attacks in an attempt to impose its extremist version of Islamic law in the East African country. It has killed several Canadians. In July , Jama travelled to Hargeysa, Somaliland, a northern region that broke away from Somalia.


John Georgelas was a military brat, a drug enthusiast, a precocious underachiever born in Texas. Now he is a prominent figure within the Islamic State. At dawn on a warm September morning in , a minivan pulled up to a shattered villa in the town of Azaz, Syria. A long-bearded year-old white man emerged from the building, along with his pregnant British wife and their three children, ages 8, 4, and almost 2. They had been in Syria for only about a month this time.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL; /ˈaɪsəl, ˈaɪsɪl/), also known as the Islamic For their guiding principles, the leaders of the Islamic State are open and has sought to establish itself as a caliphate, an Islamic state led by a group of The group uses the encrypted instant messaging service Telegram to​.

A September morning in Baghdad. Traffic halted at checkpoints and roadblocks as bureaucrats filed behind blast walls and the temperature climbed to a hundred and fifteen degrees. At the Central Criminal Court, a guard ran his baton along the bars of a small cell holding dozens of terrorism suspects awaiting trial. They were crammed on a wooden bench and on the floor, a sweaty tangle of limbs and dejected expressions. Many were sick or injured—covered in scabies, their joints twisted and their bones cracked.

Iraqi prisons have a uniform code—different colors for pretrial suspects, convicts, and those on death row—but several who had not yet seen a judge or a lawyer were already dressed as if they had been sentenced to death. Most were staring at their phones; others sat in silence, arms crossed, eyes closed. In terrorism cases, lawyers are usually denied access to their clients until the hearing begins. Suhail Abdullah Sahar, a bald, middle-aged man with a thin, jowly face, sat in the center.

There were twenty-one cases on his docket that day, sixteen related to terrorism. He quietly read out a name; a security officer shouted it down the hall to one of his colleagues, who shouted it to the guard, who shouted it into the cell.

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Shuts Down ISIS Dating Website 46 – NETV

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