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Monitoring legislation, defeating detrimental laws, and educating city, county, state and federal officials about the amazing community of full-time RVers is a long-term commitment. The issues are complex and sometimes controversial, so each one requires careful scrutiny and deliberate well-though-out action. Escapees RV Club remains politically neutral and does not endorse one party over another. When we take an advocacy position, it will always be with a clear conscience and the intent of goodwill. We realize that is a hard line to walk in politics, but it is our pledge. We cannot fight every fight; and, we will not win every time we chose to fight. It took two long years of courtroom battles that nearly landed on the steps of the Supreme Court, but in the end, 10, full-time RVers retained their right to vote. Escapees were caught in a serious political ping-pong match that placed the eligibility of 10, Escapees voters in jeopardy. Below is the series of battles that took place this month:.

Becoming an RV Family – How We Travel Full-Time With 4 Kids and 2 Dogs

With this list I hope to answer some questions to aid in gathering information and staying organized throughout the year to make tax time easier. Remember each of us are individual and have individual tax needs even when we live in a RV. Gather all documents that are mailed to you. You can sometimes also download your forms directly from banks and other financial institutions. This can include s, W2s, , , Social Security form, etc. If you have your own small business, make sure your books are up to date for the end of the year and everything is reconciled.

Join millions of RVers and be part of the #RVLIFE Movement. to show exactly where you’ll be at the end of your driving day to choose the ideal stop. It tracks upcoming maintenance dates and sends detailed reminder emails, showing.

Living in an RV and traveling around the United States and Canada, even some of Mexico, can be one of the most beautiful ways to turn a life into a flower, always growing, seeing more, living well. To slumber into the history of everything east of the Mississippi. To find freedom on the road in a life lived more simply. Charts and statistics on every state in the United States. How much private and public campgrounds cost, as well as free camping, focus on RVs and vanlife.

A plethora of information from initial steps to actual positions that are traveling compliant to stories of people who are already doing it.

30 Must-Have Apps For Full-Time RV Living

This post may contain affiliate links. See our affiliate disclaimer here. Several years ago I remember listening to Dave Ramsey talk about a couple who was living in an RV so they could save money and pay off debt before buying a home. Those were my exact thoughts.

Create a sense of urgency and give yourself a realistic timeline to start putting the pieces together to start RVing full-time, by circling a date on.

Despite how many others are doing it, moving into an RV is a huge change for most people. Our ultimate guide on how to start living in an RV full time is here to help answer all of your questions. It takes a certain type of person to give up the comforts of home, especially if you plan to pull up your roots and travel for much of the year.

Of course, RV life is much easier for some than others. For example, retirees, freelancers, and others not tied down in a single place are prime candidates for life on the road. At the same time that RV life suits certain people, it is also more difficult for others to achieve. For example, those with children, pets, or a job in a single location will have a much trickier time, although it can certainly still be done.

If you plan to buy an RV , on the other hand, there are a huge number of factors to consider.

Full Time RV Living – How To Make the Dream a Reality

When it comes to life on the road, technology helps in so many ways — not just for convenience but it can also help us stay safe, save money, and make the most of our travels. If you want to read our review and see the great Passport America campgrounds and RV parks we stayed at, click here. But this app is must for members because it makes it much quicker to find RV parks than using their website.

You can get directions right to the camping spots from the app!

We met on the dating website eHarmony while both living in Colorado in , married in , and hit the road three years later! marc from RV.

Want a scenic background mountain view? How about a million dollar beach front? Living in an RV makes that possible. Full-time RVing isn’t as expensive as most people think. On their death bed, most people’s biggest regret is not chasing their dreams. Life on the road helps you avoid live regrets. The best learning doesn’t take place in a classroom. The RV lifestyle will stretch your comfort zone and make you strong.

Be My RV Valentine: RV Dating For Singles

Today, I have a great post from a fellow RV friend. They are an RV family of 6, plus 2 dogs, who travel full-time in their RV living in a motorhome. We started RVing last year and I know that many of you have had questions about raising a family in an RV.

For Full-Time RVers, Sheltering In Place Is Not An Option. As state parks and RV lots close due to the pandemic, many people with mobile homes.

For those who live and work on the road in an RV, social distancing might look a little different. In many cases, the precautions one would take in a traditional home or apartment are similar for those who call an RV home. But there are a few extra things to keep in mind. Read on for tips and helpful ideas to keep you, your family and those around you safe while living live on the road as a full-time RVer. Tune in to local channels or follow local news sources on social media.

Instead, consider picking a nice site close to necessary resources and just hunker down for a bit. Use disinfecting cleaners to give all the surfaces inside your RV a good wipe down. Take extra time to focus on areas that might get neglected during your normal cleaning routine. Pay special attention to high touch surfaces and fixtures like door knobs, switches, handles and remotes.

How to Prepare for Full-Time RV Living

Check out our favorite RV gear, special discounts for our viewers, and much more. Watch Mark give you an RV video tour today! You’ll be surprised how much you can do with just basic DIY skills. Watch me take on RV projects like solar, electrical, plumbing, mobile communications, generator and roof maintenance. Also join us on the road for some awesome RV adventures.

I am a single something chick who has been full-time RVing for over three years. During this time, I have had dates but only one short-term.

Are you just now entering the world of full-time RVing or RV travel? Are you looking for an escape of the norm for the possibility of many adventures in RV life? Some people enjoy testing RV life by renting an RV prior to buying one! People spend months and even years planning the exact day they will own their very own RV and travel full time. Packing up and taking off. Read all the full-time RV travel books and blogs you find, then listen to all the podcasts and watch all the YouTube videos you can handle.

Once you have your initial zombie search of all the greatest content from RV lifestyle bloggers- you can officially set a date that will be the start of your new adventure. Create a sense of urgency and give yourself a realistic timeline to start putting the pieces together to start RVing full-time, by circling a date on your calendar, plugging in the date on your google calendar or adding a Facebook.

Remember these tasks can be completed in any order you choose and they will differ from person to person. The main goal is to get yourself organized and start completing what needs to be done little by little until you have nothing left to do but drive off…. You need things that are useful and practical. Check out this RV Packing list to help you get started and decide what to bring along for the ride! Ultimate Guide to Workamping. Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip.

Stay Home | Social Distancing for Full-Time RVers

Transitioning from free spirited bartender to kick ass mom of a 3-year-old has been an amazing journey. Writer, Editor, Wife, Mom. Trailer Life reader Michael Myer’s easy and economical tip for mounting solar deck lights on the entry steps to his RV. Check out the photo. Read more.

You will find some that have online chat functions or message boards, while others offer full dating services. At the end of the day, many of.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In , Tom and Becky Olesh were living their best lives. Crisscrossing the country in a house on wheels was nothing new to the Oleshes; they had spent nearly five years on the road. And for two decades before that, year-old Tom and year-old Becky had owned all kinds of RVs: tag-along travel trailers, towable camper vans, even diesel motorhomes.

Experienced RV owners well acclimated to the lifestyle, the Oleshes knew what they were doing—which made what happened in their brand new Winnebago that much more of a surprise. The trailers and camper vans they used to own tended to bounce up and down as they drove, a symptom of their leaf spring suspension systems, which is why they switched to a motorhome. Tom and Becky anticipated suspension that more closely mirrored that of an automobile: some bouncing, but certainly less than their previous units.

Not since the years before the Great Recession has the market for recreational vehicles in the U.

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January marks three years on the road for us. It feels like it was only yesterday that we started this journey, yet we can hardly remember our lives before. We’ve had many ups and few downs living an in RV, but we’re quite content with our lives. We know we changed as the years passed, but this was recently confirmed when we visited some friends from college.

The last time we had visited was two years ago, only one year into traveling full-time. It helped us to see there were more changes than we realized happening and we knew it all stemmed from our experience on the road.

The full-time RV living lifestyle gives you more room to maneuver with dates. This allows you to plan on staying in.

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Here are the best tips that helped myself and others transition from a stationary life to a life on the road.

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