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They’re often accompanied by Twilight’s dragon companion Spike and are later joined by Twilight’s student Starlight Glimmer. Sometimes their adventures call on ponies and non-ponies alike to join them. While the main focus of the show is friendship, there are opportunities for romance for the Mane 6, as well as other characters in the show. Here is a look at the ten best pairings, platonic and romantic, ranked. Because of the feuding of the Apple and Pear families, Bright Mac and Pear Butter had a Romeo and Juliet-type romance, though with a slightly happier ending. Pear Butter still had to choose between the two families, which is heartbreaking.

This MP Brought A “My Little Pony” To Parliament And Now He’s Being Harassed By Bronies

Skip to main content. Answer these simple questions and we’ll tell you which Netflix show you should be in. There’s one way to find out. How would your friends describe you? Total mischief.

Why would I be playing this if I strongly dislike my little pony. 8). Would you start dating a boy pony named: Max Sumner Natalia Romanov Ernest/Ernie Tweeny.

You: -hide behind the cover- Um Who are Twilight: Don’t be afraid. You’re in Ponyville. To be exact, you’re in my library in the middle of Ponyville. My name is Twilight Sparkle. You: Um You: -rubs head- Man

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My little pony name generator. ‘s of names are available, you’re bound to find one you like.

Share quiz. Which My Little Pony Character is your girlfriend? Mlp dating the mane 6 for boys. Teaches mlp double your dating from his and experiences of the balancing act having fun and making some money to make and ideas. What pony are you most likely to date? Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. Soci, sostenitorie simpatizzanti del MSV possono richiederne via email di acquisirne copie finch ve ne sia disponibilit a loro.

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Can You Name These My Little Pony Characters Based on Their Cutie Marks?

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This quiz will tell you what you are (like pegusas, Alicorn, Unicorn, or Earth pony) Your pony name, and what the ponies think of you. Jul 08, · MLP, the Sim Date.

Mabel woke up, happy as ever, because of her new boyfriend Mark. During his investigation of the Northwests’ fraudulence, Ford Pines attempted an interview with Gravity Falls. Join Now Create Post. U based off the T. I got up to raise the sun and then went down to the dining room for breakfast. Celestia’s POV.

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Find out if you know the ponies as well as you think in our Cutie Mark Quiz! Princess Celestia. Princess Twinkleshine. Princess Amore. Princess Cadance.

Jan 8, – Explore Dalia’s board “Cool Quizzes” on Pinterest. fictional character boyfriend quiz; which movie or TV guy could be your bae?; The Most Accurate Scientific Memory Test Test Games, Fun Games, Mlp Quiz, Memory.

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Television Quiz / My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Episodes Random even adults that remember the TV series, specials and films dating back to the s.

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Quiz: Which Pony Are You?

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